Success at home and overseas for Steve Ringer!

It has been an extremely hectic couple of months for England star Steve Ringer, with a succession of matches both at home and abroad.

The hectic schedule of matches kicked off for Steve with his annual trip to Hungary with Team Daiwa, where 34 teams from 19 different countries competed in the WalterLand Masters.

Steve explained: “We had three days practicing, then two in the WalterLand Masters, and finished off with the Daiwa Cup, which is feeder-only, and all the matches are fished to CIPS rules so there are no Method feeders or long pole and pellets.

“The practice went well and come day one of the Masterswe felt that we’d come up with a good team plan, and so it proved as we managed a team victory on the first day, and I won my section with just over 15kg of carassio, skimmers and small carp, plus a few spiky catfish. I had them all on the pole fished at the maximum 13m allowed and using bunches of bloodworm on the hook over small balls of soil containing some joker and dead maggots.

“Accuracy was the key and you had to lay your hookbait right on top of the ball of soil to get a bite, and even just 6 inches either side wasn’t good enough!

“After such a good result we saw no reason to change anything, but little did we know what the weather had in store for us and I’ve never tried to fish in conditions like it, with a strong wind blowing right to left, and the river towing faster than the River Trent in the opposite direction!

“Basically it was a total nightmare and I limped to just over 8kg for second in the section, but miles behind the winning weight of 13kg, and looking back I never got to grips with it that day.

“On the team front the wind took its toll and we slipped to fifth overall with Triple A Milo taking the win, and individually I managed fourth which was a repeat of last year’s performance, and considering the field I was quite pleased!

“Next it was onto the Daiwa Cup, and typically now that it was feeder fishing the wind had dropped and would have been perfect for the pole! I fed a lot of bait at the start at 15m and then fished a mini cage feeder at 16m, with just soil, joker and a few dead maggots in it, and managed to win my 20-peg with 21kg and came fifth overall.”

Following a fairly successful overseas trip, given the conditions, it was back home for the 2-day Ringer Baits Match Catch festival at Ferry Meadows, and Steve was feeling very confident.

He revealed: “The match was all on Gunwade to try and make it as fair as possible, and on the first day I drew Peg 92 and after three biteless hours I went on to put three bream and four skimmers on the scales for 34lb and a zone win, but that left me 35lb off the pace of the top weight!

“On day two the pegging was reversed and I drew Peg 81, which although not a flier is in a consistent area and I fancied it for a 30lb-plus weight. Six hours later I put 51lb on the scales which left me an agonising 3lb short of Michael Buckwalder’s winning two day catch. Overall though it was a brilliant couple of days and for once I was actually happy with second and a nice payday!”

Steve fished a 40g distance feeder on a running paternoster with 50cm of 0.17mm N-Gauge as a hook link and a size 14 MWG barbed hook with a speed stop to hair rig worms.

“To bring you all up to date, I’ve also had a crack at the Feeder Masters this year, and my first attempt was at Barston Lake, and when I pulled out Peg 12 I thought I had a real chance as it casts up the side of the green and with the wind pushing in I really fancied it.

“I set up two rod, both Daiwa Tournaments to fish at range with 5lb Pulse main line to a 10lb Tournament ST shockleader. My plan was to fish my large 45g Hybrid feeder level with the green to start with and then go further out as the match progressed, as I expected the fish to back off. I opted for pellets dusted in a bit of crushed Cell boilie and fished an orange wafter on a size 12 QM1 hook.

“I didn’t get off to the best of starts as I lost a proper carp in a snag, which would prove costly later on. I did have a little flurry of carp before it totally died, and looking back I was a little slow to move further out, as when I did I caught instantly, but it was too late and my 83lb was 4lb short of Eddie Bridon.”

Not to be beaten, he was back for another go the following weekend when he made the trip to Southfield Reservoir, and this time things couldn’t have gone better for him!

“I drew Peg 33 and having never been here before, I was told that it was a good peg, and to cut a long story short I had a lovely match and caught 19 big skimmers. They all came on worm fished on a size 14 Feeder Special hook at 45m, and this gave me the all-important zone win and a place in the final, plus the match win as well.

“Roll on September for the big money final at Bough Beech, and I now have the World Feeder Championships in Serbia coming up and have already managed to fit in a recce trip, so hopefully we can make it a record-breaking three team golds in a row!”