Aventus 13ft Distance Feeder

The 13ft Distance Feeder in the Aventus range is designed to combine many assets - distance, accuracy, durability and playing action. Made to Tackle Guru specifications by Daiwa in the renowned UK facilities using the highest quality Japanese carbon and most up-to-date rod technology.

Three piece, folding down neatly for use in a Fusion Rod Holdall. Supplied with three carbon distance quiver tips with large guides to allow easy pass-through of shock leader knots - 1.5oz, 2oz and 3oz. The rod has a casting weight of 150g, and is capable of achieving distances of 100m plus with the right gear and technique used.

In both our distance rods, 12ft and 13ft, we wanted to produce a tool that would help anglers cast further, accurately, with ease. However, the rods still needed to have a playing action to allow them to target all kinds of fish, from roach and skimmers in Ireland and on naturals, to big carp on vast UK commercials at distance on Method and Hybrid Feeders.

Like the whole of the Aventus range, this rod has complete all-round capabilities. At home fishing for carp on large commercials in the summer months when big fish and big weights are on the cards at distance, while equally comfortable for catching skimmers and f1s in the winter or silvers on natural venues.

The 13ft rod in particular has been put through paces on big tidal rivers throughout the UK and Europe, withstanding everything we could possibly throw at it!

A crisp, progressive action means the rod has lots of power when needed, especially in the bottom end for distance, while withholding a fish playing action that prevents hook pulls when fishing lighter lines and finer tackle.

The rod features oversized top-spec Fuji Alconite K-Guides, bullet proof, super durable, and designed to prevent frap-ups and tangles. All guides are strategically positioned to give the rod the perfect compression, casting and playing action. The guides and size of guides are unique to the rod - each rod in the Aventus range has different sizes guides placed at different points to help the rod perform to 100 per cent of its capability.

An A-Grade Cork handle is ultra comfortable and hardwearing, featuring the Armlock design to give you ultimate fish-playing control. Finished off with a Fuji DPS real seat.

The butt of the rod is completed with a moulded bespoke Guru EVA hand grip, with finger moulds to help hand positioning on the cast, enabling maximum compression, distance and accuracy to be achieved with ease!

A key feature is the length of the handles - longer than normal to again help casing distance and accuracy. More leverage and power can be gained from the longer handle, helping anglers be more accurate and cast further.

A unique and key asset to the Aventus project is Zero 90 carbon technology. This process involves double layering carbon fibres in different ways from zero to 90 degrees. When cured, this gives rods combined longitudinal strength, recovery and crispness. The tubular shape of any fishing rod is deformed when compressed. Zero 90 technology enables us to control this deformation, preventing energy and accuracy loss, retaining the cylindrical structure to give more casting power and precision.