NEW BITESIZE - Feeder Fishing For Bream

We join Guru ace Frankie Gianoncelli at the stunning Southfield Reservoir, near Doncaster for a natural water feeder fishing masterclass!

Feeder fishing for bream and skimmers has become one of the most popular forms of fishing over recent years, thousands of both match and pleasure anglers up and down the country love fishing this method. So, the latest Bitesize instalment covers exactly that....

Frankie runs through everything you need to know to put more bream and skimmers in your net, from rigs and hardware, right through to feeding and bait choices. This Bitesize is absolutely packed full of information and action that'll be sure to turn you into a feeder pro!

Along with tips, tricks and fish action there's also a lot of detail and in session interviews which gives you a great insight into how the small changes and tweaks can make a huge difference.

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NEW BITESIZE - Feeder Fishing For Bream

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