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Why Choose Guru?

Well, the answer is remarkably simple actually. Guru products are designed with one thing in mind – getting you more bites. Whether you’re a top match man or a pleasure angler looking for an evening’s sport on a commercial fishery, you’ll find that Guru products will help you catch more fish. Many of our products are genuine market leaders, representing the cutting edge of tackle design. Rather than simply copying existing products, the Guru development team has always looked to innovate and improve.

Of course, this level of technical excellence is made possible only by having an unrivalled team of consultants. Leading the team is the commercial master himself, Steve Ringer. Along with Alex Bones, Steve designed the bulk of the existing Guru range, and we expect him to take the lead in all of out future endeavours.

The rest of the team bring huge experience in many disciplines of fishing, from specimen hunting, right through to top-end match competition. Of course, Guru draws on all of their strengths to produce tackle and anything that we bring out will have been given the Gurus stamp of approval before it hits the shelves.

Quality runs through our range…

We pride ourselves on producing tackle that’s innovative, efficient and well designed but that will also last – giving you value for money. We simply couldn’t convince the likes of Roly Mceneaney, Mick Bull or Dean Macey to give their backing to our product range if the quality wasn’t right – they all demand the very best. If you ever fish next to one of our consultants then you’ll notice that they actually do use the Guru kit – with good reason.