If you have any feedback, problems or complaints regarding a Korda product then please contact us. As a general policy we cannot evaluate any item without actually inspecting it, so if you have experienced a problem, however small, then please don’t discard it – keep it and send it back to us at the address shown. Include your personal details along with a brief description of the problem. We always reply to every email and every letter sent as quickly as possible – all emails will be replied to within two working days, often by Rob Willingham. Rob will deal with all of your enquires in the first instance, passing them on to the relevant department where necessary. He is a successful and experienced carp angler whose technical knowledge makes him perfect as our front-line product support man.


If you have a product design or idea that you think could become a Korda product then please let us know about it. We deal with every idea in complete confidence and we will provide you with a frank and honest appraisal. Please be aware that there are many parameters that govern whether a product is viable or not and these include tooling costs, meeting the correct retail price and of course the size of the market for that particular product. Very few ideas end up as products, but occasionally something like the Krusha comes along!

If you think your idea is totally unique then it could be patentable and this makes it more valuable to you and to Korda. However, please be aware that to meet patent-application criteria, the idea must not be in the public realm so do not show it to anybody. Additionally, if you would like to gain a level of legal protection for your own peace of mind then simply seal the drawings of the concept in an envelope and mail it to your own home address. Leave this unopened and the postmark will bear testament to the fact that you were in possession of the design on the date of the postmark. This could be presented to a court of law as evidence if required.

If you have an idea, invention or even an improvement to an existing product then please contact us on the email address below.


If you have a question for the team or a general enquiry then please contact us on the email address below.

T: 01268 522423