Adam Rooney answers your questions on feeder fishing

Recently, we asked what you’d like to know from Guru’s Adam Rooney about his feeder fishing exploits. Here’s what England Feeder Team angler Adam had to say.

Graham O'Sullivan: What’s your favoured set up for bream fishing?
I love conventional feeders for bream, feeder size depends on the day. My feeder set up is a running rig, with the feeder on a short boom, and twisted loop to avoid tangles, 50cm hooklength to a wide gape barbed feeder hook, the same set up as we use on the World Feeder Champs.

Gary Page: What’s behind your choices of feeder when you arrive at a venue?
Rules to start with, then depth of water, conditions and wether I’m casting to a feature or not. My first choice is always the method, especially if I have an island chuck. If the water is deeper than 6ft then I will pick the pellet feeder as the bait stays in position for longer.

Sean Trafford: Does you miss your Focus RS?
Yes I do, but the dream of a Nissan GTR is keeping me going!

Neil Mascall: How many rods do you set up with different feeder rigs on?
With the X-safe system I only need one now, as all the products I would use on a standard commercial fishery interchange on the simple loop on the end of my line. In international competitions I could have up to eight rods set up for different lines and disciplines, plus all lines are doubled up incase of a breakage so I don’t waste any time.

Geoff Lukins: I am dubious about using a pellet feeder during winter as I am afraid of introducing too much feed into the swim. What are your thoughts?
Simply use the small pellet feeder, with low oil pellets, this way the pellets have less feed content plus its only like feeding a kinder pot of bait. If this is still too much, swap to the straight lead and offer a single hook bait. However, I would always start with a bit of bait going in the swim so the pellet feeder would be a good choice.

Dean Millson: What is your favourite type of method feeder and pellets?
My favourite method feeder is the small X-Safe. I use the 2mm Dynamite 2XL feed pellets around the feeder.

Bradley Thomas: What's your go-to bait when using feeders and why?
Micro pellets in the feeder, as they are so versatile easy to mould and attract all species. Hook baits vary per venue.