Ben Hagg qualifies for the UK Angling Champs!

Guru’s Ben Hagg qualified for the 2016 UK Angling Championship following a convincing win at Barston Lakes.

Ben drew peg 124, which he knew would put him in with a good chance as it is an end peg, and then put together a bag of carp and F1s to win the match overall, plus his section. He was joined by Guru’s Adam Rooney who drew in a hard section but still managed three carp for 31lb which was enough to win it, and also qualify as a section winner.

Ben explained: “I started off fishing long for the first 40 minutes or so of the match but didn’t have any indication at all. I was also pinging in some pellets shorter and started to see the odd swirl so I fished shorter at about 45-50 yards.

“It is a peg that I know quite well and I ended up catching eight or nine big carp plus F1s, but I had to work at it.

“The fish tended to come in spells, with three or four in quick succession and then nothing for half-an-hour before they came back in front of me again. But that is normal in this peg as they can move off round the corner into an area where no one can get at them.

“Now that I’ve qualified and am through to the full series, I’ll be fishing the first of those four rounds at Lindholme Lakes on May 4, and that will all come down to section wins. It was very handy as well to win £500!”

Ben’s fish fell to 24g Hybrid feeders with micro pellets and he started off on maggot hookbaits fished on size 18 LWG hooks to 0.15mm N-Gauge, before switching to Ringer Chocolate Orange wafters on size 12 QM1 hooks to 0.17mm N-Gauge, and 6lb Pulse main line.

It was harder going for Adam as he fished from peg 15 with a Hybrid feeder and fished long for one fish, before spotting a couple of fish show over his bomb and pellet line, and switching to the pellet waggler for another two carp.