Steve Ringer answers YOUR questions

Recently, we asked Guru fans on Facebook and Twitter what they would like to ask Steve Ringer, and we’ve selected five questions for the World Feeder Champion to answer…

Mike Howkins: On exactly the same peg on exactly the same day, which angler would you fear most on a commercial fishery?

Without sounding big headed, there isn’t anyone I really fear - there are a few who I have a lot of respect for, though. Will Raison and Des Shipp are two very different anglers who seem to be able to catch fish out of a puddle.

Will, I feel, is very similar to me in that he’s very aggressive when he fishes, whereas Des is more refined and seems to always make the right decisions. Both would be very difficult to beat off the next peg, that’s for sure!

Jamie Jones: What does the future hold for match fishing - are there enough young anglers getting involved nowadays since the rise of computers?

That’s a tricky one. There definitely aren’t the youngsters coming into the sport that there used to be and I’m not really sure how we can change that. Is it possible to make match fishing more fashionable, so it’s more likely to appeal to younger anglers?

The only point I will make is that the youngsters who are coming through are of a very high standard, so you could say the future of the national teams looks very bright.

Steven Cartwright: What hook do you use when fishing with maggot and soft 4mm pellets on the hook - not including hair-rigged baits - for all your commercial fishing?

For general fishing, with the baits you mention, there is no better hook than the Guru LWG in sizes 16 and 18, depending on the time of year. I use a 16 in the summer and an 18 in the winter.

Steve Short: If you could only fish one method for the rest of your career, what would it be - pole or flat method feeder?

That’s a really tough question to answer, seeing as I love both. If I had to pick just one, though, it would be the pole, just for the fact that I feel it keeps me sharper as an angler, as there are more things you can work at. For example: fishing shallow, on the deck, in the margins, etc.

That said, there is something special for me about fishing a method feeder at long range and seeing the tip slowly pull round!

Stephen Nightingale: What do you put in your flask when fishing - tea or coffee? How many sugars?

Tea, or on occasion when I’m expecting a slow day, soup! As for sugars, one please!