Team Guru Tunnel success - Pemb Wrighting

Our Team Guru is now seven rounds into the Tunnel Barn Farm Winter League, which is a teams-of-four event with 20 teams in total. Our team consists of Steve Ringer, Paul Holland, Myles Levy and myself.

It’s been a great series so far with lots of bites all round - just what you want in the depths of winter when bites are normally at a premium – and since round one we’ve been in the top three teams on the leaderboard.

Going into round seven, we were 10 points behind the Match Fishing Magazine team, so it was all to play for. Come the morning, we made the draw and got Steve’s opinion on our group of pegs.

Steve’s been fishing there every winter for a few years now and is very knowledgeable on all the pegs - a great help to our team. His response to the draw wasn’t great, to say the least! But it was a team match so we all went to our pegs with a positive frame of mind.

Personally, I had a day of two halves. For the first four hours of the match it was a real struggle, with only eight or nine F1s coming to the net. No matter what baits and depths I tried, it just wasn’t happening.

I’d been loose feeding maggots at 6m all day, and with a hour to go it was my last chance. Luckily there were a few fish there, and I managed to add 15 F1s in the last hour to give me a 33lb total using 0.11mm N-Gauge on my maggot rigs.

Come the end of the match, we were all unsure of how we had got on overall. Tunnel had been hard by its usual high standard; so a few spanners had been thrown in the works. Back in the clubhouse we totted up our totals: Steve a third, Paul a fifth, Myles a forth and myself a forth.

We had done well, but to fair we struck it lucky in the fact it had fished hard. If the fish had been a bit more free feeding we’d have been doomed from our draw, I’m sure.

The results were announced and we are now leading the league by 20 points, a complete turnaround to what we thought would happen in the morning! It just goes to show, you have to remain positive, and that the only ones who really know what’s going to happen are the fish!

There’s still three rounds to go, so fingers crossed for some more good results.

Good luck,