Ringer Doubles Up Again - Steve Ringer

Unbelievably, (given the conditions and the sheer odds against it) our head consultant, Steve Ringer, has won back-to-back matches for a second time in a matter of six weeks. Despite never having won matches on both a Saturday and Sunday before December 2012, he’s doubled up for a second time this weekend!
Saturday saw Steve tackling a 30-peg open at Tunnel Barn Fishery in Warwickshire. He drew peg 19 on the New Pool, as opposed to the in-form Extension Pool, where he kicked off the first of his previous back-to-back match wins. Steve was initially disappointed at drawing on New Pool, as he didn’t think that he’d be able to compete with the lads on Extension.
However, those thoughts quickly subsided as he began to put together a quality bag of F1s totaling 51lb. The successful tactics were maggots fished on the pole. Steve started out at 11m, feeding 10-15 maggots per put-in with a Kinder pot. He kept in touch with the F1s as they moved out into the lake, finishing at 14m. His bag was enough to take the honours on the day, as the Extension Pool simply didn’t fish well on the day!
Meadowlands Fishery was the venue for Steve’s second outing of the weekend, for a 20-peg open, split across the venue’s Warren and Lambsdown lakes. Steve drew peg 15 on Warren, a peg that had been totally off form of late. In fact, several of the lads at the draw took great pleasure in pointing this out to Steve; all in good humour, of course! The peg is just 19m wide, sitting as it does, in a small arm. However, snaggy, fish-holding bushes overhang the far bank and Steve was sure that they’d hold fish.
He started off on the tip, alternating between fishing the Pellet Cone and popped-up bread, to no avail. The peg seemed lifeless, but Steve had a change of tactics in mind. He changed to pellet and corn against the bushes at 16m. He opted to feed between ten and fifteen pellets and six pieces of corn every put-in, presenting either single or double corn on a size-16 Guru LWG hook. Sitting it out on these tactics saw Steve bank a winning bag of eight fish for 60lb, including a 17lb 12oz specimen!
It all adds up to a great start to 2013 for our man; we just hope that he can continue his good form!