River Wye Adventure - Dean Macey

It's no secret that I love fishing the River Wye. It's beauty never seems to grow old on me, and with so many new stretches available to fish every year, I'm sure I'll be a regular visitor to its banks for many years to come.

This season I've traveled the 350-mile round trip several times and the results have all been so good that I've planned my next trip before I've left!

My most resent adventure was for the Guru free DVD. I was asked if I minded spending a couple of days on the river filming, well, it didn't take much arm twisting let me tell you!

I arrived the evening before and baited an open water swim with a combination of Hinders and Mainline ground bait and pellets. Bait that I'm 100% confident in and wouldn't go fishing without.

Without giving the game away as to what happened throughout the two days, you'll have to watch the DVD for that, the action was superb.

The best fish of the trip was the result of a last minute, 4-foot twitch on the first day.
Straight away, I knew it was a different league to the rest of the stunning fish I had earlier that day. After a very spirited battle I slid the net under a magnificent looking 9.9lb Wye beast. A very good stamp of fish for that particular stretch of river, which doesn't really throw-up that many doubles.

And guess what? I've already booked my next trip!

Dean Macey