Margin Problems

Steve Rushmer - When I’m fishing the margins, I always seem to foul hook a few fish. How do I stop this?

Hi Steve,

This is a common problem when fishing in the margins, but one you can avoid. There are a few different ways to try and prevent this problem, firstly, try reducing the amount of bait you introduce into the swim. Having too much bait in the swim can cause a feeding frenzy with too many fish. In some situations this is what you want, but when you’re fishing in shallow water, I’d say it’s something you want to avoid. So, how to get round this? I’d simple feed little and often and try feeding heavier baits that will stay on the bottom and not float up as the fish start to feed. So, sweetcorn, large cubes of meat or large pellets are ideal for the job and causing line bites.

Another tip would be to fish as tight to the bank as possible. This will result in less fish swimming into your line, causing line bite, which can result in you foul-hooking the fish.

James Cooper.