Method Mould Tips

When I use the method mould, the ground bait keeps on getting stuck. Why?

This is a problem a lot of anglers seem to have, and it’s simply down to the consistency of the ground bait or pellets when you prepare them.

The introduction of method feeder moulds has made this style of fishing so much easier, as long as the bait is prepared properly it’s almost foolproof.

Another contributing factor to your problem can also be the mould you’re using. The Guru X-Press mould is my weapon of choice and I can honestly say it’s the best I have used.
Ninety per cent of my method fishing is done with pellets around the feeder; occasionally I will add a touch of ground bait to the pellets when I am fishing deeper water, just to bind them together.

Preparing pellets couldn’t be easier; half-fill a bait tub with your micro pellets and fill the tub so that the pellets are submerged. Leave them to stand for two minutes, and then drain off all the excess water. Empty the pellets into a bucket or ground bait bowl and leave to stand for 20 minutes. These will now be perfect for moulding around the feeder.

There are plenty of ground baits on the market, now specifically designed for method feeder. Ringer’s Method Mix
is my choice, but that’s down to the performance of the bait.
Simply empty the contents into a bucket, add the water a little bit at a time, mixing as you do. Once mixed, leave to settle for 10 minutes. The ground bait will dry out slightly as it takes on the water, sometimes at this point a touch more water will be needed. You don’t want the ground bait too wet, just damp enough to hold together with a firm squeeze.

The next process is to run the ground bait through a riddle, this does two things, firstly it removes all the unwanted lumps and secondly it fluffs up the ground bait, adding air to it, which helps it break down quicker once the feeder has settled.

Tight lines,