More Massive Chub for Macey!

Hot on the heels of his recent success with Kennet chub, Dean Macey has been back to the Berkshire river in search of more mighty chevins. After pinning down their location on the previous trip, when he banked two 5lb plus fish, Dean settled in to try to catch a bigger one!
He drip fed maggots into the swim to win the chub’s confidence before trotting his maggot hook bait through the even-paced stretch. Amazingly, on just his second run through, Dean made contact with an even bigger chub than the previous week. After sliding the fish over the net, Dean weighed it in at 6lb 6oz. He followed this up with another chub of 4lb, before capping the session off in style with a huge fish of 6lb 12oz! It just goes to show that float fishing can be every bit as effective for big chub as conventional feeder tactics.
Well done Dean, keep them coming!