Dean's best winter carping tips!

Winter is far from the best time of the year to catch yourself a carp. However, if you follow Dean Macey’s simple guidelines then you should have the tip flying round or the Delkims screaming in no time at all!

Watch the weather like a hawk! Any increase in temperature or a low front pushing across the area you’re fishing is worth dusting off the rods for.

Fish the day out. Feeding spells, no matter how good the conditions seem, can be very short at this time of year with often only a couple of opportunities a day. Make sure you’re there when they get their heads down. Dusk is a must!

Don’t over feed. Small bags of crumbed Mainline boilie, Hinders pellet, bread, corn or maggots is often all it takes to get a bite. If they are only going to have one mouthful of food, then make sure your hook is attached.

Recast every hour to showing fish. This time of year they will huddle up in a group - where there’s one there will definitely be more. A simple rig made from N-Gauge with a knotless-knotted MWG hook and micro lead clip will catch carp and other species of all sizes and won't tangle easily.

Wrap up warm. If you’re comfortable you will fish better - if you fish better, you WILL catch more!

Get out there and do it! Wind, rain, sleet or snow. There will always be fish willing to have a bite to eat but if you’re sat by your fire moaning about how crap it looks outside then you will never catch!