Team Guru on Form - Andy Pell

Team Guru has been on top form so far this year in the Angling Trust Winter League at Castle Ashby. After three rounds the team were in third position, behind Starlets and Milton Keynes. With most of the lads absent for the first three rounds, they hadn’t yet fielded their strongest team, but going into the fourth round, they were back at full strength. Andy Pell tells us how the day went...

“I have recently been enjoying some good form at Castle Ashby, with a win, a second place in two practice opens and a second in my section during the first round.

In the fourth round I drew peg 43 on Grendon Pond, which is a prolific area at the end of the section. My plan for the day was to look for an early opportunity on the method feeder, whilst I prepped my pole line at 13 metres.

I managed a small skimmer on the method, but it was clear that wasn’t going to be the winning tactic through the day. So, after about 30 minutes I changed over to my pole line, fishing worm on the hook. Straight away I started catching small roach and after a while the stamp of fish gradually started getting bigger. That was until I had a disaster with my pole! A large branch broke away from a tree in the strong wind and fell on the eighth section of my pole.

So, with my pole out of action, I was now forced to use rod and line. I decided to start with a medium cage feeder to put a carpet of bait out. I then changed over to a small feeder with worms, casters and a few pellets.
t took a while to get a bite, but when the action came I started catching small skimmers throughout the afternoon. By the end of the match I managed at total of 18lb 8oz, taking a comfortable section win by over 13lb.

Better still, the Guru team managed to win the day, so we are now occupying second place in the league, but with only a two-point cushion from third we need to keep this form going onto the fifth round.”