Don't miss the penultimate episode of The Big Fish Off!

Some glamour is brought to The Big Fish Off for episode four of the new series, when two female reality stars are pitted against each other over three challenges.

Glamour model and Celebrity Big Brother winner Casey Batchelor, and Love Island winner Jessica Hayes, are both fishing virgins, but under the watchful eye of their team captains, Ali and Dean, they soon begin to get the hang of handling a rod!

This week sees the teams heading down to Newquay, in Cornwall, and they will be spending a few days on the famous White Acres holiday complex, and experiencing a variety of different types of fishing.

Casey is under the watchful eye of Ali, and as well as showing her how to use a pole for the first challenge, he also indulges in throwing maggots at her, and she soon declares ‘I’m going to need therapy when I leave this show!’. But she soon gets into the swing of things, and even kisses a few of the bigger fish that she catches!

Jessica isn’t quite so keen on getting that close to the fish just yet, but that doesn’t stop her from hooking into a succession of fish on the pole, including roach, bream and carp.

Challenge two sees them moving onto another lake and this time they are going all out for carp and trying to catch as many off the surface as possible, but conditions could be better as they have to endure rain.

As if that didn’t make it challenging enough to catch on floaters, Jessica forgets to put her contact lenses in, which doesn’t exactly help when it comes to seeing the takes – but will Ali and Casey be able to take advantage? Thankfully it all starts to come good in the end, with both teams getting amongst some carp – and Jess even takes to naming each one that she catches!

Having now got to grips with catching a few fish, it is time to see if the girls can hook into something that pulls back a bit harder, so they decide to spend a day on one of the specimen waters which is home to bigger carp as well as catfish.

Ali starts to feel the pressure and takes it out on Casey, but she gives as good as she gets, and meanwhile in the other camp, things are far more relaxed, but who will end up catching a challenge-winning fish?

The penultimate episode hits your screens at 8pm on Thursday April 6, on ITV4, so make sure you tune in or set it to record.