Guru Young Gun Lifts The Title!

Last weekend saw Tackle Guru’s Young Gun, Will McCranor, win the Angling Trust Youth National Championship at Tunnel Barn Farm Fishery with a magnificent weight of 64kg! As if winning the event individually wasn’t enough for him, Will’s Tri-Cast Weston Team went on to be crowned team champions too!

The Coventry based youngster has been a regular at Tunnel Barn Farm over the last few months, and after drawing peg 14 on Jenny’s Lake in the National at the weekend, he was more than happy! Will told us:

“The junior national is one of the highlights of my year, I love the buzz that you get on the day and also you really feel the pressure, much more than normal open matches! I had been practicing at tunnel barn for a few months before the match to get the best understanding I could of the venue. My Tri-cast Weston team was full of some of the best junior anglers around so we were hoping for a good result too.

“At the draw I was handed peg 14 on Jenny's which had some form recently so I was hopeful to get a few bites. I started by fishing across on pellets in three feet of water, which was the shallowest water I could find. Unfortunately I foul hooked a lot of fish because of the depth, so to get my all-important section points I felt that I needed to fish casters shallow. I started at six metres fishing about 18-inches deep and caught a few decent sized F1s on this between the 2-3lb mark, but they were very few and far between.

“I then decided to fish shallow across towards a big reed bed with the same rig but in a 12 inch version. I started to catch a lot better on this line and felt that it was the best area to fish. On this line I was repeatedly slapping my rig on the surface of the water and also tapping the water with the end of my pole whilst feeding casters with a catapult. By tapping and slapping, I was making a noise on the water which gave the fish the impression I was feeding, therefore drawing them into my bait."

A team and individual gold national medal - in the same day!

Casters - a deadly bait that did the trick yet again.

“For the last two hours of the match I fished this line and caught well. At the weigh-in my good friend Zac Worby had weighed in 60kg which I thought would win the section easily! I was incredibly surprised to find out that I had 64kg, which was enough to win my section and the whole match, so I was absolutely over the moon! This also meant that I had qualified for junior Fish'O'Mania for the second year on the trot, which is in a few weeks at Cudmore Fishery.

“On the most important note, the team put in a brilliant performance to finish on 12 points, which meant we had won the team gold medal - we were absolutley buzzing!

“On the tackle front, my rig for fishing shallow featured a RW F1 Shalla Float on 0.15mm N-Gauge to a size 20 Eyed Super LWG hook to 0.11mm N-Gauge. For across I used a 4x12 RW Dink on 0.15mm N-Gauge to a size 16 Super LWG to an 0.13mm hooklength matched to a White Hydro elastic.”

Small hooks worked well on the shallow rig

Banded caster - a killer bait for F1s shallow.