Punching Through - James Cooper

It’s not very often I that get the chance to go fishing mid-week, so when the opportunity came, I jumped at the chance of getting the rods out.

The venue for the day was The Viaduct, fishing on Cary Lake. With the weather conditions not being in our favour, I was hoping for a reasonable draw. So, when I pulled out the un-favoured peg 94, I wasn't best pleased!

A bitterly cold wind was blowing into my peg, making any days fishing uncomfortable and being tucked away in a corner, my chances of a win looked incredibly slim.

I decided to set up two different rods and methods for the day ahead. Firstly, I opted to set up a 10ft bomb rod and then to keep my options open, an 11ft waggler rod was my second weapon of choice. Bait for the day was good, old-fashioned meat, corn and bread.

I started the day off fishing the bomb and managed to winkle out one carp in the first hour, but with peg 96 having six fish already, it was time for a change and quick. So, I switched over to the waggler, keeping things really simple and fishing 8mm punched meat. Then through the morning I started clawing myself back up, catching steadily over the next few hours.

I ended the day with nine fish for 79lb and 2nd overall; an enjoyable days fishing despite the snow, hailstones and rain!”

Tight lines