Dean Macey on Target

Dean Macey has been in touch to tell us about a cracking result that he enjoyed recently. Targeting a tricky local venue where the carp have had everything thrown at them over the last decade, it took Dean a couple of single day trips just to work out where the fish were and to get his finger on the pulse. After a blank trip, he managed to nick a small common on his second trip then endured a frustrating third trip during which the fish were all over him, chasing naturals, making Deano pull what was left of his hair out.
He told us, “I couldn’t believe I only picked up one fish all day when half the stock of the lake looked like it was in front of me. I wanted to take up golf again, that’s how much of a headache they gave me!” He did bag a lovely looking 20lb mirror just into dark but told us that he felt that he should have had more.
Then came the last trip on Friday 13th. When he looked at his phone early that morning and realised the date, he very nearly just rolled over and slept in. Lucky for him he didn’t as the day went to plan and he managed to get on some very active fish right from the start.
“I knew the spots I wanted to fish and all three rod went right on the money, first time of asking.” He presented snowman rigs featuring size-6 Kaptor Kurv Shanks, nine inches of silt N-Trap on lead clips and 18 inches of Dark Matter tubing and 12lb brown SUBLine. Dean continued, “The plan was to fish single baits for the first few hours to try to nick a quick fish, then start trickling in a little New Grange over the top throughout the day. Within 20 minutes I was netting a stunning scraper-twenty common and then had a smaller mirror before losing what felt like a good fish in a snag later on in the day.
I was bitterly disappointed about the lost fish as these carp don’t give themselves up easily, so I rang an old friend and asked him to give me a talking to. It worked and as the rush-hour traffic was just starting to build up I found myself attached to what felt like a nice fish. It came in close quickly them plodded the plod that all good fish do before rolling into a very shaky net. At 31lb 4oz it had a massive frame but it is my first thirty from the venue and topped off a great day.”