Fishing Shallow For Success - Pemb Wrighting

This Saturday I went over to Willow Park for an open on the small lake. It's a really interesting lake with deep parts, underwater bars and some snaggy corners.

I fancied a nice steady open water peg for a day’s shallow fishing, and was lucky enough to draw one, peg 27 to be precise.

I set up a few rigs for fishing shallow on the pole at 14.5metres, and also a rig for fishing on the deck, just incase. The weather was meant to get quite wet and wild as the day went on, and for once the weatherman was correct. I've never fished through rain like that in my life, at one point; I had to stop fishing because I couldn't see my float!

My match started slowly and got better and better as it went on. I caught a few on the bottom with paste, with odd ones shallow on pellets. That was until the last 30-minutes when the carp and odd F1 turned up in my swim and I couldn't get my rig in quickly enough.

My rigs were made up of 0.19 N- Gauge to a 0.15 hook length, attached to an eyed LWG. My pole elastic was the grey Hydro, which I’ve been using quite a lot recently, it seems just right for the smaller carp I’ve been catching.

I ended up with 25 or so fish, for 109lb and a match win. Another enjoyable day fishing shallow, hopefully my luck will continue into the Fishomania final.