Frosty winter league - Mark Griffiths

After a few mediocre results for me in the first three rounds of the Meadowlands teams of three winter league, it was time to take on the fourth round.

On arrival to the fishery it was nice not to see frost covering the ground like the previous three rounds. With this in mind I hoped the fishing may be a bit better. After the routine cup of coffee and chinwag with the lads, the clock hit 8.30am and it was draw time.

For some reason people seem to think good drawing is what I'm best at, although I beg to differ. For this reason I have the job of drawing our team’s pegs.

On opening the draw envelope, it seemed as though our three pegs were quite reasonable. The draw put me on peg 27 on the Warren Lake. This peg hadn't showed any form in the three previous rounds and in fact had thrown a blank up in the third round. I had mixed feelings with this in mind but I had always done well of this peg when I had drew it in previous leagues.

I decided to fish a positive approach aimed at carp as the skimmer fishing hadn't been good enough to do well in the earlier rounds. For this approach I set up an 11ft bomb rod for popping up bread and two pole lines - both at 14.5m for fishing corn. I planned to be feeding the pole lines with just micro pellets and corn.

My bomb set up was as follows: 6lb Guru Dragline, through to a 0.17mm N-Gauge hooklength to a size 12 QM1, a guru lead clip with a 1/3 ounce flat pear lead. My pole rigs were identical 4x12 MW Steadies connected to 0.15mm N-Gauge mainline through to a 6" 0.13mm N-Gauge hook length with a size 18 LWG.

My opening gambit was to start on the bomb and after an hour I hadn't had a sign. I went on the pole fishing double corn and in the next two hours I had five carp and a few skimmers before it went quiet. Another quick look on the bomb found carp number six followed by only one more carp on the pole and a dead last hour.

On the weigh-in I managed 54lb, which was second on my lake, only beaten by the infamous peg 5 which produced 83lb in just eight fish. Overall, there was only one weight to beat me from Lamsdown Lake with 58lb.

I ended up 3rd overall, which I was happy with and our three-man team had a steady 4th round, keeping us at the top end of the league table. Roll on round five in two weeks time.