Tackle Guru & Rive team-up to bring the Special Edition Seatbox!

Tackle Guru and renowned seatbox manufacturer, Rive, have teamed-up to develop and release a Special Edition Guru-Rive ST Pack Seatbox package, which is available now!

Rive have long-standing expertise and experience in seatbox manufacturing, and Tackle Guru have been keen to get involved in such a project for some time. There is a limited number of the Guru-Rive Seatboxes being produced, each having personal touches and many enhanced features. The latest boxes are available from all Guru stockists in the UK, and they are also available on the continent.

Rive’s UK General Manager, Amer Jawad, was thrilled on the project go-ahead and said:

“When Tackle Guru expressed an interest in a seatbox project with us, we couldn’t say no. However, we needed to make sure that we did something extra special. We were keen to hear of any added features or improvements that their team had for us, so we could apply them to the Special Edition packages.

“One of the latest features is a new patented Open-Leg Brackets. These are made and patented with new stainless inner parts that will not rust or miss-shape. We have addressed any past issues with the Open-Leg Brackets and produced these latest versions.

“This up-to-date box also has top quality Marine Ply under the seat cushion, that cannot warp and is completely waterproof, while being resilient to movement and pressure. The draw fascia have also been changed to aluminium for durability and longevity, with the handles strengthened and ribbed.”

Extra hard-wearing Matt paint is applied to the beatbox frame.

The backplate, like the seat and cover, is personalised in style.

Guru’s brand manager, Adam Rooney, has put a lot of effort into the project to make the availability and selling of the boxes easy and smooth for both retailers and customers. He was keen to explain this and said:

“At Tackle Guru, we wanted to provide fair service for all our account holders, and we’ve made every effort to make sure the box is available to every one of them. Not all shops will want to stock the boxes in-store, but boxes can be ordered from every Tackle Guru account holder.

“We also understand that not all Tackle Guru accounts will stock Rive attachments and accessories. However, we have made sure that every single Guru account now has access to these, so people buying a Special Edition Seatbox can have access to attachments and accessories they need.

“It’s been nice to apply some finishing touches to the box too, such as the unique personalized backplate and ‘Dream’ seat, with the smart cover for protection too. It’s also great to see that adaptions have been made on many of the box’s features to ensure it’s the latest, most up-to-date and durable piece of kit out there.”

If you have any enquiries about the Special Edition Guru-Rive Seatboxes, speak to your local Guru stockist.

The Guru Rive Special Edition Seatbox is available now.


- Personalised limited-edition back plate
- Handcrafted and personalised ‘Dream’ cushion, crafted by master saddlers in Strasbourg
- Unique Guru-Rive seatbox cover
- High Stability Footplate, enabling shared weight distribution
- Ultimate 36mm leg system, with 25mm telescopic insert legs
- Non-slip footplate cover
- Steel colour-coded draw fascias
- Re-enforced draw fronts with ribbed handles
- Patented and improved open-leg system, enabling easy and quick leg adjustments without moving the box
- New hard-wearing matt paint finish on box frame
- Removable underbox cassette with carry lid
- Open Cap System on two legs hosts various arms and attachments
- High Stability Footplate Clips, ensure footplate is secure when extended and when in transport

the Open Leg System has been improved, making swapping/removing legs very easy.

Solid 36mm legs with 25mm inserts make the box stable and level on any terrain.