What Do You Prefer? - Steve Ringer

Gary Thomas – Hi Steve, do you prefer to fish for roach/skimmers in Ireland or carp on commercials and what are the reasons?

Hi Gary,

Although, I have very much made a name for myself on the commercial scene, it might come as a surprise to you to that my first love has always been big natural venues such as Ferry meadows, near Peterborough. It’s big natural water containing bream and skimmers. For me, venues such as this and the vast loughs of Ireland are far more challenging, in the sense of their vastness and the fact that you’re targeting totally wild fish. The only downside to big venues is that they can be very unpredictable, as in you never quite know what the fishing will be like. One day you can bag up and the next struggle for a bite. I guess in a weird way that’s one of the things I like though. All of the above said I still enjoy fishing commercials and I have learnt an awful lot whilst doing so. That’s probably the part I enjoy most, learning and in this game, you never stop.