Method or Pellet Feeder?

Andy Watson - How do you decide whether to use method feeder or pellet feeder?

Hi Andy,

I opt for the method feeder for 90% of my angling. The method feeder is quite versatile, as you can adapt it in many ways. It's easy to just cover the feeder to restrict the amount of feed, or 'double skin' the feeder and add a lot of feed per-cast, if the fish are feeding well. The fish can also come over the feeder from any direction to feed, helping increase your chances of catching.

The method can be fished in most depths of water, from inches to 10ft or more and it's easy to get the bait to come off quickly in shallow water, or more slowly in deeper water by adding various liquids or powders to make pellets bind better. There are however, one or two instances when the pellet feeder will be a better choice.

If I was faced with casting to a far bank or island with reeds or other vegetation, then the housing of the pellet feeder can help keep the bait in place until it reaches the bottom. As the fish can only really take the bait from one way using the pellet feeder, unless I knew the far bank was undercut, I wouldn't cast too tight as this can cause indications which don't convert to positive bites.

The Pellet feeder can also be the better option when faced with a deep swim. Some anglers can struggle to keep the bait on a method in deep pegs, and the pellet feeder can help keep things tight and on the bottom.
You will catch fish on both types of feeder in any situation and it can come down to confidence in one or the other really. Some anglers just can't get their pellets right to stay on the method and prefer the pellet feeder for results. Both feeders have there plus points, so try both and enjoy some rod bending action.

Andy Pell