It's The Little Things

James Cloney - What ground bait would you use down the edge in 2ft margins, when you’re fishing for F1’s to stop them coming up in the water?

Hi James,

There are loads of good quality ground baits out on the market, my personal favourite is Special G, but it’s not all about the bait. The key is making sure your mix has the right consistency. This will do a few jobs; firstly, it will prevent the fish from coming off the bottom and searching for food items in the upper layers. So you need to make sure you mixture is damp, which will make it heavy and sink to the bottom. Otherwise, if you have lots a food particles floating about in the margins, the fish will get preoccupied, which will make them more difficult to catch.

Once I’ve got the fish confidently feeding, I will try and cut the ground bait out and start introducing some larger items of food. This will create a different feeding situation in the swim, rather that the fish tightly feeding on smaller food items, they will be actively searching for larger baits and hopefully in time pick up yours.

Good Luck,
Andy Bennett.