Ask a Guru - Andy Pell

Stuart Thorpe asked Andy Pell the following question...

“Linholme fishery has banned meat due to anglers fishing opens using up to six tins. Please can you explain the typical feeding pattern using this much meat because I struggle to use one tin in a club match!”

Hi Stuart,

Six tins of meat sounds like a lot of bait, but it’s actually only around three or four pints. In a typical five-hour match this is less than a pint per hour. Then, if you consider feeding two or three lines with the bait for example and down the margins, it then only becomes around one to two pints per line.
To feed this quantity, feeding around 8 to 10 pieces of meat (normally 6mm cubes) every few minutes by hand would easily see you get through this amount. The reason fisheries ban it is because of its high fat content and the fact it can take up to three days for fish to digest the bait, compared to a standard coarse pellet that can take up to 12 hours to digest.
I love fishing meat, but since Lindholme banned the bait the fishing has actually improved and I actually managed to break the venue record back in July with 321lb, all on pellets. The reason for this is probably due to the fact that the fish are hungry a lot quicker due to the fact they aren’t storing fats from the meat for days at a time.

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