Ask a Guru - Steve Parry

Chris Noden asked Steve Parry, “What’s the best bait for this time of year on the method feeder?"

Steve's answer...

“You could ask this question to 10 different anglers and get 10 different answers . The problem is that a certain bait that works well one day might not catch you a fish the next. There are that many baits of different colour and flavour on the market now, that it is almost impossible to pinpoint one that I would say us best.

The best advice I could give you is to experiment. I always take a variety of baits to my peg, usually including punched meat, pellets and a tub of the ever-reliable Ringers Allsorts.

During the winter months the water will inevitably become clearer and therefore sight plays a big part in how fish feed. For this reason I always start on a bright yellow 8mm boilie. The first couple of hours of the match or session will be spent swapping and changing hookbaits and colours and I will even add a bit of Goo to the loaded feeder.

Eventually, a pattern will appear and a certain bait or colour will out-fish the others. An import aspect to bear in mind though, is fish location. It doesn’t matter what bait you have on if you’re casting to the wrong area of your peg; in winter you won’t catch. So, whilst experimenting with baits, make sure you search your peg as well. Hope these few tips help you put more fish on the bank this winter!

Good luck and tight lines, Pazz