Ringer On Form - Steve Ringer

Steve Ringer continued his good start to 2013, bringing home second place and £2000 prize money in the five-day Dynamite Baits festival at Whiteacres last weekend.

Day one saw Steve get off to the best possible start. He drew peg 41 on Bolingey and took 15 carp, fishing shallow on 8mm pellets to amass 133lb, which was enough for a section and lake win.

Pollawyn was Steve’s venue for day two and he bagged another section win, landing 35lb of roach, perch and skimmers on caster before bagging a bonus 12lb carp down the edge on meat late on. The importance of that carp can’t be overstated because it elevated Steve from 4th in section to another section win, which would prove vital later on.

Steve kept up the pressure on day three, bagging 70lb of carp on Treswaters. Fifteen of the fish fell to the protoype 36gram Guru method feeder with hard pellet hook baits. After 90 minutes, Steve switched to corn over pellet at 11m down the margins to take carp and F1s and seal another section and lake win.

Day four dawned and Steve was in a good position. However, he drew his worst swim of the festival, peg 8 on Twin Oaks. However, he secured a 3rd in section taking 70lb of fish. Casters fished short on the pole accounted for 38lb of silvers before five carp on the method added to his total.

Porth Rerervoir was the venue for day-five and Steve opted to play the percentages game, targeting small fish due to the scarcity of the bigger bream caught in preceding matches. He fished the pole at 11m and loose-fed maggots over groundbait to take 7lb 6oz of tiny skimmers, roach and perch for a section win and third on the lake.

Steve’s impressive four section wins left him tied for first with James Dent, however James dropped a second-in-section, compared to Steve’s third-in-section, which relegated our man to second overall.

Steve was delighted to secure second, as he told us… “I analyse my fishing thoroughly and I know that I couldn’t have won after my third-in-section, so I was happy to get second. After the Twin Oaks result, I just couldn’t have got the points I needed to win and I’d rather have fished well and snatched second, as opposed to losing a fish at the net and blowing my chances of a win from the front of the pack.”