Method Feeder Tips - Steve Ringer

During the recent mild spell I have been catching an awful lot of carp on the method feeder. Whilst it’s set to turn cold this weekend, I see no reason why this won’t continue to be the case. Fishing the method in winter is very different to summer, so below are a couple of quick tips to give your method fishing an edge in the cold this weekend.

When targeting carp on the method at this time of year rather than clipping up, I prefer to cast about and look for the fish. Location is everything in the cold and rather than waiting for the carp to come to you, I always prefer to try and find them. Carp also don’t tend to like beds of bait when the water temperature is cold, hence casting about tends to be a better bet option.

In terms of hook baits, there are two types I like to use, stand-out and blend-in. Stand-out baits such as mini fluoro boilies or bread tend to be best in the cold when the water is clear and visibility is key. Blend-in baits, such as 6mm or 8mm hard pellets, are better in the summer when the carp are really coming to the bait but at the same time being a little picky about what they actually suck in.

Thanks to the Angling Times for suppling the pictures.