Don't miss the Fishing Gurus special next week!

We’ve got a real treat in store for you next week as Fishing Gurus hits Discovery Shed for a week-long bonanza of angling action!

The eight episode series, featuring Dean Macey as he is joined by a variety of guests, including Guru’s Adam Rooney and Pemb Wrighting, plus England international Steve Ringer and fellow match ace Paul Holland, is being screened over four consecutive days, commencing on Monday September 5 at 5pm.

The 30 minute shows see the stars take on a number of challenges at a variety of venues, including rivers and natural lakes, as well as the commercial fisheries where most of them are more often found.

The series kicks off with Adam Rooney joining Dean on the scenic Hindercaly Lakes in Norfolk as the duo set off in search of some crucian carp.

Directly after that the pair head off to the River Lea for their annual session on this historic barbel river, and the action is fast and furious as the fish really go on the feed, despite former Olympic decathlete Dean being able to almost jump across the river in places!

The following day sees Steve Ringer and Pemb Wrighting travelling to Ireland for a two-part adventure on some wild lakes and loughs in the Lakelands area, which is famed for its big bags of bream, hybrids and roach.

It is back to flowing water for episode five, as Dean heads off to the stunning Wye Valley to sample some of the fantastic chub and grayling action on the float on the iconic River Wye.

That is followed by something completely different when World Feeder Team champion Steve Ringer re-visits a fishery that he hasn’t been to for over five years, Packington Somers, and as you might expect it doesn’t take long for him to get back into the swing of things there!

Thursday September 8 sees the series reach a climax with a two-part special which pits two pairs against each other in a head-to-head match at Larford Lakes. Adam rooney and Pemb Wrighting team up to take on Steve Ringer and Paul Holland over two days at the venues Specimen Lake, and they fish a variety of methods to keep the bites coming, but who will eventually end up victorious?

Make sure you tune into all the action as they travel to some stunning venues and catch some magnificent fish along the way. The episodes will be screened as follows on Discovery Shed:

Episode 1 – Monday September 5 at 5pm.
Episode 2 – Monday September 5 at 5.30pm.
Episode 3 – Tuesday September 6 at 5pm.
Episode 4 – Tuesday September 6 at 5.30pm.
Episode 5 – Wednesday September 7 at 5pm.
Episode 6 – Wednesday September 7 at 5.30pm.
Episode 7 – Thursday September 8 at 5pm.
Episode 8 – Thursday September 8 at 5.30pm.