Macey's Urban Adventure - Dean Macey

Guru’s very own all-rounder, Dean Macey, enjoyed an action-packed day in search of spring carp recently. Tackling a water that he first fished as a youngster, Gloucester Park in Basildon, Deano wasted no time in getting to grips with a few of the public park residents.

Dean set up along what is known to regulars as the ‘Cockle’ bank. He flicked two baits tight to the lake’s central island, a known haunt for the park’s carp. Dean’s tackle comprised size-10 MWG hooks, N-Trap Soft hook link and Guru flat pear leads attached to Guru Micro Lead clips. Dean decided to start with Guru Sppedmesh PVA bags filled with crushed boilies and other goodies, and Korda Fake Food, pop-up corn hook baits. “I was just after a quick bite”, he told us, “So, rather than pile the bait in from the start, I thought I’d start with bags and build from there.”

The first take came within minutes and was followed by another, so Dean decided to up his feeding. He catapulted 10mm Mainline New Grange boilies to the island margins and action came steadily after that. Although Gloucester Park is full of carp, it isn’t renowned for bigger ones, so when Deano made contact with a fish that took yards of line off him on the first run, he knew he’d hooked one of the better fish.

After carefully easing the fish closer, a big head broke the surface, causing an excitable Dean to burst into flames! Once in the net it was clear that this fish was close to, if not over, 20lb, which is an exceptional fish for the park! Dean continued to catch steadily until mid-afternoon when, completely satisfied, he made his way home! It just goes to show, there’s loads of good, urban fishing to be had out there – you just have to look for it!