Mark Griffiths takes second place at Makins!

There’s no stopping Mark Griffiths at the moment, and he managed to frame in yet another match at the weekend when he took second overall.

Mark was fishing the third round of the Guru Makins Fishery Pole Only League and after a good start things started to go wrong with several lost fish, but in the end it all came good and three carp for 20lb 4oz was enough for the runner-up spot.

He explained: “I already knew that I was on Lizard Lake on Phase Two, as the league works on a rotation system. This lake is very peggy to say the least, and everyone wanted to be on peg 19, which had won both of the previous rounds, but there were still a few other ones that were worth drawing, and I was over-the-moon to get peg 12.

“This particular peg is, in my opinion, the most consistent on the lake and one of the few that can reach the island during these pole-only events with a 16m limit. I decided to go all out for the carp and was confident that I should get a few throughout the day.

“I opted to fish one line to the point of the island at 16m, and set that rig up with a 4x10 RW Minger on 0.15mm N-Gauge all the way through to a size 18 LWG hook – and the reason for choosing this particular float was that it has a thicker tip, which is better for visibility at range.

“My other line was away from the island in slightly deeper water, but again at 16m, with a 4x12 RW Minger to 0.15mm N-Gauge rig line and a 0.13mm N-Gauge hook link to a size 18 LWG, and both rigs were fished on white Hydrolastic to tame the carp.

“When the match kicked off I decided to start off by fishing away from the island, with corn on the hook and feeding 3mm pellets frugally, and after half-an-hour the float buried and after a short battle I netted a decent fish to settle my nerves.

“That was it for another 30-40 minutes I was into my second fish, but it didn’t feel right whilst I was playing it and after bolting off a few times, it broke me off.

“The time ticked by with no more signs, so it was time to try the island, again fishing with corn and pellets. After 15 minutes the float dipped and I pricked a fish, but pulled straight out of it, which was very frustrating as the lake was fishing rock hard. But shortly after I hooked one that stayed on this time and was soon netting my second fish of the day.

“I went on to foul-hook yet another fish that went loopy, putting my elastic and pole to the test, before it finally pulled out after a hell-raising tug-of-war, but thankfully landed another one as well with half-an-hour to go. The three fish I’d had weighed in for 20lb 4oz, putting me in second place on the lake and runner-up overall, and as expected it was peg 19 which won with 36lb 8oz.

“With three rounds to go I’m still in the race, and that’s is really all you can hope for in a league where drawing well is crucial, plus it was nice to pick up £150 in this latest round.”