Martin Salter bags a big crucian on the Pellet Cone!

Crucian carp have been in the spotlight recently, and that is partly due to the extensive work that has been carried out by the National Crucian Conservation Project in conjunction with the Angling Trust.

That has included Catch a Crucian Month, and one of those involved in the organisation of that event has since been in action himself with some big specimens.

Angling Trust campaigns coordinator, Martin Salter, paid a visit to the renowned Godalming AS Johnson’s Lake, in Surrey, which produced the current British record, and tempted this cracker of 3lb 4oz.

The venue gets a lot of attention from crucian anglers and Martin suspected that the fish were beginning to wise-up to the conventional flatbed Method feeders that many anglers opt for.

He revealed: “I was wondering if the bigger fish might be getting a little wary of the usual flatbed Method feeders so I decided to switch to the larger Guru Pellet Cone on a six inch hook link with an 8mm sweet fishmeal hooker pellet on a size 14 QM1 hook.

“Ten minutes later my tip crashed round and I knew the Cone had worked fine for tench, but would it fool a crafty old crucian?

“Two casts after that I had my answer in the shape of a cracking 3lb 4oz crucian, just an ounce off of my personal best.

“I can see loads of possibilities for using the pellet cone in crucian fishing so this little gadget now has a firm place in my tackle box!”