'Catch a Crucian Month' launches tomorrow!

Crucian Carp have been on the decline in recent years but a number of initiatives have been launched to help promote the species and conservation of the venues that it typically inhabits.

The Angling Trust and National Crucian Conservation Project have been working together to raise awareness about the decline of the species, and this is already having an effect as a number of waters have been stocked with pure strain crucians, and habitat work carried out on other venues.

Now they have teamed up with the Association of Crucian Anglers to launch ‘Catch a Crucian Month’, and to accompany this there is competition running throughout the month with some fantastic prizes up for grabs. The initiative is also supported by the Environment Agency.

Rather than being based on the size of fish caught, this competition is photographic with the best pictures winning superb prizes from the likes of Angling Direct.

Some of the biggest names in crucian fishing and the angling art and film making world are involved in judging the competition, with the panel consisting of former carp record holder Chris Yates; ‘A Passion for Angling’ and ‘Catching the Impossible’ film maker Hugh Miles; crucian expert, author of ‘Crock of Gold’ and fish farmer Peter Rolfe; and renowned artist and specimen hunter Chris Turnbull.

Angling Trust campaigns chief Martin Salter enthused: “We are hoping that this competition will create a renewed interest in true crucians and their habitat, both of which are under threat from changing agricultural practices and through thoughtless stocking policies which are creating more and more hybridisation.”

There are four categories that you can enter, with the top three photos in each going into the final: Best Crucian Picture; Best Specimen Crucian Picture; Best Scenic Picture of a Crucian Water; Best Picture of a Junior with a Crucian.

To register for the competition simply go to https://catchacrucian.wordpress.com You will also find some photographic tips there from Hugh Miles.