X-Safe system gets White Acres approval

Cornish angling complex White Acres – the premier venue for holidaying anglers in the South West – have announced that the X-Safe system is now the only elasticated feeder allowed on their waters.

The X-Safe system is the only safe elasticated feeder on the market with a design allowing the quick-release hook to pull through the feeder, meaning a fish won’t be tethered to a heavy feeder in the event of a crack-off or main line breakage.

Guru brand manager Adam Rooney said: “We worked really hard to perfect the safety aspect of the X-Safe system, and I’m proud that this has been recognised by the team at White Acres – one my favourite venues and one of the best in the country for holidaying anglers.”

The X-Safe system comes in pellet, method and inline lead formats and is a favourite of Guru anglers including Steve Ringer and Pemb Wrighting. A small loop in the main line can be secured to the feeder by a tail rubber and crook system, but this will still pull through the feeder body and stem in the event of a breakage.

The annual Dynamite Baits festival, which features over 180 anglers and starts on April 20, is the first big event with the new X-Safe-only rules in place and marks the start of the major festival season at the venue.

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