The new series of Fishing Gurus is here!

The new season of Fishing Gurus is here and it’s set to be the best ever as the cameras follow Dean Macey and the team over eight episodes of brand-new action-packed angling adventures!

Starting with a species close to many angler’s hearts, the beloved crucian, the first two episodes (airing on Wednesday 11th November on Sky Sports 4, 7pm) see Dean Macey teaming up with match ace Adam Rooney for close-range tactics in Norfolk and then the River Lea in Hertfordshire in episode two. The action is non-stop as the pair target running water species including barbel on the float and feeder with amazing footage of the prince of the stream in the crystal clear water.

The action then shifts to beautiful Ireland as the deadly duo of Steve Ringer and Pemb Wrighting plunder the famous Lakelands for big bream and hybrid action in a two-part special (set your reminders for Wednesday 11th and 18th November, 7.30pm) before Dean Macey goes wading and float fishing on the stunning River Wye for grayling and chub on Wednesday 25th Nov at 7.30pm.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes 2014 World Feeder Champion Steve Ringer so good, then the next episode on Wednesday 2nd Dec at 7.30pm is a must-watch as the cameras follow Steve through a real match at Packington Somers with Dean Macey keeping an eagle eye on the tactics and edges that make the Midlander such a consistent winner.

The action then moves to Larford Lakes on Wednesday 9th and 16th Dec at 7.30pm in a thrilling two-part finale with a pairs match that sees Paul Holland and Steve Ringer take on Pemb Wrighting and Adam Rooney in a running line and pole battle. Will Steve’s unbeaten record remain? We can only say that it’s one of the tightest and most thrilling finishes ever on Fishing Gurus…

Filmed over the course of the summer and autumn, the new episodes cover some of the most exciting coarse fishing action ever seen in Fishing Gurus as the team explore new venues and new species.

Packed full of tips and advice, the team tackle a variety of waters from Ireland’s stunning lochs, where the Gurus filmed two episodes in the Lakelands area, to crystal clear chalk streams and lily-pad strewn lakes in search of their quarry.

Barbel, chub, carp, crucians, bream, perch, grayling, dace and a surprise river tench all feature with Dean Macey presenting alongside Steve Ringer, Adam Rooney, Pemb Wrighting and Paul Holland over the eight episodes.


Episode 1 – Sky Sports 4 – Wednesday 5th Nov– 7pm

Dean Macey and Adam Rooney visit the beautiful Hinderclay Lakes in Norfolk in search of the crucian carp - a childhood dream catch for the enthusiastic pair.

Episode 2 – Sky Sports 4 – Wednesday 11th Nov – 7pm (repeats at midnight and on Thursday 12th Nov at 2pm)

Heading to Hertfordshire, Dean Macey and Adam Rooney take their annual river adventure to the prolific River Lea for a frantic session targeting the prince of the river, the barbel.

Episode 3 - Sky Sports 4 – Wednesday 11th Nov – 7.30pm (repeats at half-past midnight, Thursday 12th Nov at 2.30pm and Wednesday 18th Nov at 7pm)

The first part of an Irish adventure sees Steve Ringer and Pemb Wrighting travel to Southern Ireland to fill their nets on a wild lake surrounded by breathtaking scenery in the Lakelands region, famous for its silvers and hybrid fishing on the feeder.

Episode 4 - Sky Sports 4 – Wednesday 18th Nov – 7.30pm (repeats at half-past midnight, Thursday 19th Nov at 2.30pm and Wednesday 25th Nov at 7pm)

In part two of the Irish adventure, Steve Ringer and Pemb Wrighting visit a vast Irish loch in search of some big Irish bream and other species surrounded by the stunning Lakelands countryside.

Episode 5 – Sky Sports 4 - Wednesday 25th Nov – 7.30pm (repeats at half-past midnight, Thursday 26th Nov at 2.30pm and Wednesday 2nd Dec at 7pm and midnight, and Thursday 3rd Dec at 8am)

Dean Macey gets waist deep in the awesome River Wye, targeting the beautiful grayling and the hard fighting chub on float fishing tactics.

Episode 6 – Sky Sports 4 - Wednesday 2nd Dec – 7.30pm (repeats at half-past midnight, Thursday 3rd Dec 8.30am, Thursday 9th Dec 7pm, and Friday 10th Dec 5pm)

Steve Ringer is put in the hot seat at Packington Somers Fishery! We follow the former World Feeder Team champion though a match on a venue he hasn’t visited for half a decade – how will get on?

Episode 7 – Sky Sports 4 - Wednesday 9th Dec – 7.30pm (repeats on Thursday 10th Dec 5.30pm, Wednesday 16th Dec 8pmpm and midnight, and Thursday 17th Dec at 2pm)

A thrilling two-part finale to the series features a nail-biting match vs match pairs challenge. Adam Rooney and Pemb Wrighting take on Steve Ringer and Paul Holland over two days, fishing contrasting methods on the Specimen Lake at the Larford Lakes complex in Stourport.

Episode 8 – Sky Sports 4 - Wednesday 16th Dec – 8.30pm (repeats at half-past midnight and Thursday 17th Dec at 2.30pm)

The conclusion of the amazing match vs match challenge. The pairs do battle at Stafford’s Larford Lakes in a tense finale to the two-day match between Steve River and Paul Holland on one team and Pemb Wrighting and Adam Rooney on the other. Who will emerge victorious? Make sure you tune in to find out!