Does Size Matter

Does the hair need to be longer if you’re using a small hook with a big bait? I.e. 18 hook with 8mm pellet.

Steve says -

"Personally, I’m a big believer in matching my hook size to hook bait. So, as a guide for a 8mm pellet I would look to be using a size 14 hook. To me a size 18 seems very small for an 8mm bait, which therefore makes hair length largely irrelevant. Normally though I work on the principle of long hair for big fish and short hair for smaller specimens, for example small carp and F1's.

When talking long hairs I will at times use as long as a 10mm hair for big carp in the 6-10lb classes, but as short as 1-2mm for F1's. The measurements I am giving here are the gap between the back of the bend of the hook and the hook bait itself.

Going back to bait and hook sizes, as a rule I tend to use the following. 4mm pellet a size 18, 6mm a 16 and 8mm a 14. Of course there are exceptions to this, but it’s a good starting point."