Learn Something New Everyday - Paul Holland

Since returning from White Acres, I have fished in two rounds for Guru in the Tunnel Barn Farm Winter League and three rounds in the Kent Winter League for Daiwa Dorking.

I've been looking forward to this for a while, as I really need to improve my pole fishing, especially when fishing for small carp and F1s on little snake lakes and in open-water.

I have only ever been to the venue that I fished for Daiwa Dorking once before, and the lake we were fishing on wasn't there the last time I went! I've only been to Tunnel about five times previously and two of those visits were in the summer. So, this has been a massive learning curve for me, as I have no experience to call upon, I'm basically starting from scratch!

In three of these matches there were definitely enough fish in front of me to win my lake and I didn't. Every match I'm coming away thinking, “Why didn't I do that sooner?” Changing lines when I'm not catching, changing baits when I think one might be better and even changing the depth to try and work out the best way of catching from each given swim, I can always think of something I should have done.

My normal winter fishing is based around fishing for twenty bites in five hours and that involves patience and confidence in your tactics. In the five matches I have fished you can’t have any patience and you’re definitely fishing for more than twenty bites! If you’re not catching, then you need to change something until you are and quick!

I still feel well off the pace, but by working hard I'm sure I will get there eventually.

So, the question is, is there any area of your fishing that needs improving? Jump in at the deep end and I'm sure like me, you will need plenty of Neurofen, but I’m loving every second of it and each session I’m learning something new.