New Guru Kit Launched


You’re going to love the new releases from Guru! It’s already been a great year for new kit, but we’re pleased to announce that you can now buy the Rig Case, Light Catapult and Fishing Gurus Series Four on DVD.
It’s fair to say that the Rig Case has created perhaps the biggest buzz of any of the new Guru products, and it’s easy to see why. The development team pretty much turned hook link storage on its head, introducing the Rig Box, and now the Rig Case. The Rig Case allows the storage of up to 150 pole, pellet and feeder rigs.
The case features a unique magnetic fastening system, which ensures that your carefully tied rigs are protected when in transit. In fact, the case has been designed to be water resistant too, so it’ll keep the British weather at bay too, while you’re on the bank. The Rig Case is finished in Guru colours; black on the outside and orange on the inside and the whole thing is coated with a soft-touch overmould for a beautifully tactile result.
The Light Catapult is aimed predominately at short-range fishing, up to 20 yards or so. This means that it’s the perfect tool for baiting up the pole line, or for close-in float fishing. The Light ‘Pult has a specially configured pouch that’s been designed to help group small, light baits like maggots, casters, pellets and particles in tight patterns. When bites are hard to come by, this kind of tight feeding can make the difference between framing in that match and finishing out of the money!
It retains all of the clever features of the original Guru catapult, which include five adjustable tensioning points around the frame of the catapult, rounded, non-twist elastic exit points and non-slip pull cord. The pins that secure the elastic to the pegging points have been uprated to withstand the pressures of repeated use.
The Fishing Gurus TV show needs no introduction. It’s now into its fourth series, and hits new heights in terms of action, tactics and big-name personalities. The shows are fronted by top all-rounder Dean Macey and feature the likes of Steve Ringer, Adam Rooney, Ali Hamidi and former professional footballer, Jimmy Bullard.
All of the new items are in stock at your local Guru stockist right now, perfectly time for Christmas!