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The third issue of Korda’s Thinking Tackle Digital magazine is now live and ready to view. It is packed with exciting carp-fishing features and there are several ways that you can access it, which are as follows (NOW INCLUDING iPHONE – you asked for it, we delivered!)…

Just visit www.thinkingtackle.korda.co.uk to view online or download the app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle or Android Tablets.

Once you’ve downloaded the magazine to your tablet or iPhone, you can then watch it wherever you are, offline. That means that you can take it fishing with you, whatever the Internet connection is like.

Our multimedia magazine features headline contributions from top carp anglers like Damian Clarke, Ali Hamidi, James Armstrong, Jim Wilson and Elliott Gray. The team covers spring baiting tactics, special hook bait creation, maggot fishing and our most memorable captures. On top of that, we’ve got Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi and Damian Clarke reviewing the kit that they’ve been using recently, including new releases from Trakker, Delkim and Mainline.

You’ll be able to see exclusive footage of Darrell Peck’s first UK fifty-pound carp, along with an explanation of the long-range tactics that proved vital to the capture. We’ve actually got another amazing UK fifty pounder in the magazine as well, in the form of Jim Wilson’s magnificent Cambridgshire fifty. You’ll struggle to find a better looking specimen anywhere in the world and this is the first publication in which Jim has told his story, so there’s another exclusive for you!

Ali Hamidi reveals the clever baiting strategy that he devised after watching the reaction of the St Johns carp while filming the Underwater series. One thing’s for sure, you won’t bait up in the same way again after watching the live-action film that we put together at a small Essex lake. If you do one thing this spring, make sure you read Ali’s advice on ‘buffet’ baiting – you won’t regret it.

James Armstrong reveals three captures that made him the angler that he is today in his retrospective feature. We’ve also got part three of Elliott Gray’s bait from the start feature, which covers fruity wafters that are sure to tempt a spring chunk or two.

So, what are you waiting for? Watch and read online, or download for your tablets and phones!