Pemb Wrighting gets off to the perfect start at Colemans!

Guru match ace Pemb Wrighting had a great start to the Colemans Cottage Spring League when he won the 79-peg first round!

Pegged on Pathfield Lake, he caught steadily throughout the match, with mainly carp, plus the odd F1, falling to his ‘dobbing’ tactics, and when it came to the weigh in he had put together 68lb, and with many of the lakes fishing slowly it was enough for the win.

Pemb explained: “Sunday was the first round and there were 111 anglers booked onto the league, which I think makes it the biggest one in the country currently. You don’t have to fish every round and can drop some of your results, so on the day there were 79 anglers fishing the first round.

“Hats off to the guys at Colemans as they gave us all lots of room with plenty of lakes pegged, to try and make the sport as prolific as possible, and as a result no one really knew where they fancied the match would be won from.

“Unfortunately the weather was terrible, with ice on the lakes when we arrived and then it rained all day, with the ice melting into the lakes, and I was just hoping I would get a quiet, calm corner somewhere I could get the brolly up!

“At the draw I pulled out Pathfield 25, which was indeed a corner peg as I’d hoped, but unfortunately it was at the shallow end of the lake and I was unsure how the day would go in these conditions. But there were plenty of features in the peg, and once I’d broken the ice so I could reach them, I did fancy it for a few bites.

“The plan was to start off ‘dobbing’ with single hookbaits, but I also had some pellets, maggots and Bag ‘Em XP groundbait ready if I needed it. The match started really well and after three hours I hadn’t had to feed anything at all but had managed to catch ten carp and a couple of F1s on maggot or bread hookbaits!

“But then the ice started to melt more and the fishing got slower, as I’d probably caught or spooked most of the resident fish in my peg by that stage. I started to introduce some maggots into a couple of areas for hopefully a late surge, rather than pellet or groundbait – the reasoning behind that was that I’d mainly been catching carp, and had I been getting F1s dobbing then I’d have gone onto pellet instead as soon as I needed to start feeding to catch.

“The last hour was good and I managed another five or six carp on the maggot over my feed, and when the weigh truck came around, my 68lb put me in the lead so far, and news was starting to filter around that the other lakes had fished very slow – I’d won the day overall!

“My best rig on the day was tied using the new size 18 Kaizan hooks – a mega sharp spade end hook that is soon to be released – to 0.12mm Pure hook links and 0.16mm Pure fluorocarbon rig line, with white Hydrolastic doing the trick for hard fighting fish on the day.

“It was a great start to the league, but there is a long way to go and with plenty of very good anglers struggling in the bad conditions on the day, so I’m well aware that my fortunes could change next week!”