Cracker For Macey - Dean Macey

Guru consultant Dean Macey has been busy recently with his Olympic duties but has still managed to wet a line during some short afternoon sessions close to home.
Targeting a small, shallow lake where the fish have no option but to move around and feed, even in this ridiculously cold spring weather, Dean found a few fish rolling just a few yards out from the bank on the end of a strong North Westerly wind.
After watching the water for an hour he noticed that there was one area the fish seemed to be concentrated in more than anywhere else. Setting up way down the bank to minimise disturbance, Dean walked his simple 10mm pop-up and small PVA bag of pellets on a lead clip set up down the bank and lowered it in just a few feet from the bank.
Within a few minutes the rod was off with a small common. After replacing the rod and throwing a few small PVA bags around the hook bait as free offerings, it was off again with a much better fish. Using light, 2.25lb Daiwa Theory Barbel rods, coupled with trusty SS2600 loaded with 10lb Drag Line, the fish put up a spirited fight but there was only ever going to one winner.
At 23lb 6oz it wasn’t a monster, but there can’t be many better-looking fish anywhere in the country.
Two more doubles followed to top off a very pleasant three-hour session at the end of a tough days work, just proving that as long as you have a bait in the right spot you don’t need days to catch.