Pemb's Back in the Frame - Pemb Wrighting

"On my latest session I ventured out to a new venue for me, Royal Berkshire. This time around the match was silver fish only, so no carp counted. Due to my extremely poor results in recent weeks, a day with plenty of action in these cold conditions was just what the doctor ordered.

Having never even seen the lakes before, I really was unsure what to expect. So, I rang a couple of my good mates that had fished there recently to get the lowdown and then planned my match accordingly. On the day of the match the weather was horrendous, with torrential downpours through the day and strong winds, which can make any day’s fishing hard, especially when pole fishing for roach. There were no excuses though, because it was the same for the whole field, so it was simply just a case of getting on with it.

Despite the weather I had a lovely day, catching small roach from the off and end up with 30lb, which was good enough for fourth on the day. Sadly I didn’t kick-start my year with a win, but I had an enjoyable day and can’t wait to get back out on the bank.”