Rooney On The Money - Adam Rooney

Guru’s Adam Rooney secured a cracking result this weekend, winning his lake in the Winter League at Makins fishery.
This is the story of the match, from Adam himself.
“The winter league format consists of a big match between teams of six. The venue is split into three phases and there are two anglers from each team in each phase. I drew peg 25 on lake 4, the very same peg that I’d drawn in the first round of the competition, and struggled.
It has an island to the left, the margins of which, I had targeted in the previous match. The island dropped off from the shallow gravel ledge to my right, into deeper water. This time, I’d decided to target the deeper water at the foot of the drop-off, with the bomb-and-pellet approach. It was cold, so I felt that the fish would be most likely to hold up deeper.
I started feeding three pellets every few minutes, just to see if I could draw the fish in. All it seemed to do was to encourage loads of liners. For the next 40 minutes, I couldn’t tempt a fish, and I was left scratching my head.
Looking around, I noticed a few were getting bites on method feeders. I felt that that attack would be a bit heavy, so I decided to fish the pellet cone. Rather than simply fill it with pellets, I opted to sandwich some Goo between the layers of pellets for added attraction. I set up the pellet-cone rig with a Guru Micro Lead Clip, 1oz Flat Pear lead, 0.15mm N-Gauge link to a size-14 QM1 hook. I banded a hard, 8mm pellet to the hook and ended up catching one before I’d sunk the line of my first cast.
The next 10 casts all produced fish too, although I had to wait between five and 20 minutes for action. I ended up with 65lb of carp, to about 8lb, which was enough to give me the lake win, and second in the zone.”