Bread Tricks - James Cooper

Here’a tip that comes into its own during the winter. Rather than simply using his pellet feeder for delivering pellets into the swim, Somerset Guru, James Cooper, sometimes substitutes liquidized bread. We all know just how attractive bread can be, and its attractive qualities aren’t diminished by cold water, as any chub or roach angler will tell you!
James makes matching hook baits by simply punching multiple slices of bread, compressing the little discs into a bigger, firmer hook bait. Try four or five punches to start with. By not compressing the hook baits so much, you can create a much lighter hook bait, with a degree of buoyancy.
You can use exactly the same rigs that you’d use for conventional soft-bait fishing, as if you were using punched meat. That meas that the Guru Speed Stops are just the ticket for bread fishing. You’ll notice that James mounts his bread hook baits on N-Gauge hook links, coupled with QM1 hooks.
Give his bread trick a go this weekend, it’s cheap and effective!