Macey Goes Back To His Roots - Dean Macey

Dean Macey has kick-started his year off, going back to his roots to catch from a local commercial. Can he battle the cold conditions and tempt a bite or two?

“After a well-deserved break from fishing, concentrating on family commitments over the New Year, I decided to kick-start my 2014 by taking a lead from my fellow Gurus and visiting a local commercial to see if I could tempt a few of the resident carp.

I was never going to catch any monsters, but I was hoping that the tip would fly round a few times, and if the tip’s moving, then I'm having fun! On arriving at the venue, I was pleased to see that most anglers had looked at the weather and thought better of it. The problem was that with only two degrees showing in the car and a very cold mist hanging over the country, they could have been right.

Still, when I get time to go fishing, whether it looks good or not, I go fishing. I decided to fish the Pellet Cone, a favourite method of mine through the colder months. The plan was to use the small cone to cast around