Guru vs Korda

For those of you who couldn’t make Carpfest at the Great Northern Fishing show this weekend, you missed an intriguing match between Team Guru and Team Korda. In a two-day battle for bragging rights between the carp boys and Guru’s elite match anglers, the Guru team of Steve Ringer and Andy Bennett, took the top spot on day one, banking 98lb more Cudmore carp than their Korda rivals, Jake Wildbore and Neil Spooner.

Day two saw a much more closely fought contest, as the pairs swapped swims to keep the contest even and Adam Rooney swapped with Andy Bennett. The feeder approach that scored for the Guru team was matched by the two-rod, spodding attack of the Korda lads. The final hour saw the teams too close for comfort and on the hooter Guru brand manager Adam Rooney was locked in battle with a potentially decisive carp. A carp of 9lb or above would see Guru nick the win from under the noses of Team Korda. However, once netted the fish clearly wasn’t going to be big enough and the gap remained 3lb, handing Korda the win, although Guru won the overall contest with most weight across the two days.