New Guru Pulse8 and Pulse Line in shops now!

The long-awaited Guru Pulse8 braid and Pulse Line mono hit shops this week following months of intensive development.

Available on 150m spools, the Pulse8 braid is a new eight-carrier braided main line designed to offer the best possible casting performance. Most standard braids use four woven strands to create a main line, whereas Pulse8 uses eight to create a smooth finish that adds yards to the cast and rarely tangles.

Perfect for feeder or bomb fishing at any range, Pulse8 offers a direct contact between angler and rig, making bites easy to detect and hit. The dark tint also aids camouflage in clear water. Quite simply, it’s the best braided main line available.

It comes in three breaking strains - 0.08mm/15lb, 0.10mm/18lb and 0.12mm/24lb - on 150m spools with an RRP of £21.99. One spool will last several seasons meaning it actually offers great value-for-money and a it’ll improve with use as it becomes softer and smoother.

Also out this week is Pulse Line – a premium quality monofilament main line with exceptionally low diameter for its breaking strain, great abrasion resistance and low stretch. It’s the perfect all-round main line when mono is required, from float fishing to feeder or bomb tactics.

Pulse Line joins Drag line in the Guru stable to ensure the range offers a main line for every situation, with Drag line the perfect option for heavy-duty work on commercials and other bagging situations whilst Pulse Line offers more finesse and greater feel for all tactics.

Pulse comes on 300m spools with a marker at 150m for accurate re-spooling. It’s available in 3lb, 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 8lb and 10lb versions on 300m spools with an RRP of £8.99.