Dean On Target - Dean Macey

Quick-hit sessions after work seem to be the way forward for our Deano this spring. This time however, it’s not carp that were his target, but tench, one of his favourite species.
Targeting a local Essex water that has produced fish into double figures for him in the past, he made his way through the traffic to arrive at the venue early afternoon. To his surprise there were only a few anglers fishing, which gave him a good choice of swims. After watching the water for 30 minutes and seeing no signs of fish, he decided to get away from the other anglers lines and set up on the back of chilly westerly wind.
Using the Guru Micro Lead Clip with a small length of Korda Dark Matter tubing to a 10in 9lb N-Gauge hook link, he made three casts to the back of a bar with his small PVA bags to get a little smell into the swim. Soon after settling down, the first fish was tearing off with his Mainline New Grange hook bait and after a very tough fight the first of 23 tench slid over the net. There were no record breakers to be caught this trip but with eleven fish well over the 7lb mark it was well worth the effort and just goes to show that short evening sessions can throw up some very welcome surprises.
Get out there and have a go!